Answer for question 4226.

What's your favorite beverage? Is it something you drink daily, or something that's more of a special treat?
Chai is my favorite drink. I drink it a few times a week, I guess. I either make it from the powder or I make my own Oprah chai. Oprah chai is really intense. I heat up milk and Starbucks vanilla syrup (maybe honey) on the stove then whisk until it's foamy as I let black tea and spices steep in my Teavana tea maker.

Welfare people are bad :(

Someone on my list went off very righteously about policing what people on welfare buy. People on welfare need their lives micromanaged by the government otherwise they'll buy things, which wastes our tax dollars. And we all know that the US government's waste and fraud problems are, in any significant way, due to people on welfare enjoying things that people not on welfare like. Right.

Jezebel posted a column about an ex-Wal-Mart employee in Maine who recently ranted about welfare fraud (yes, fraud) taking place because she rings up people on welfare who own iPhones and eat birthday cake, steak and lobster. In Maine, lobster costs less or the same per lb as chicken, but the welfare expert/ex-cashier fails to mention that, for obvious reasons.

Note: I cut down some comments, but without changing the spirit of the message.

Those nice things make you look all millionarish, guuurl.

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That's not the image I had in my head!

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Stop enjoying food.

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The rich are doing things right making them exempt from as harsh criticism.

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50 Movies in 2008

1. Network
2. The Simpsons Movie
3. Bourne Supremacy
4. Bourne Ultimatum
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*
6. Weekends in Brooklyn
7. 4 Little Girls
8. Ciao, Professore
9. Disturbia
10. Charlie Bartlett*
11. Bourne Identity
12. The Degrassi Spring Break Movie
13. The Tribe*
14. Hollywood Shuffle
15. My Fair Lady
16. The Graduate
17. Pumpkinhead
18. There Will Be Blood
19. Somebody Help Me
20. I Am Legend
21. Grindhouse
22. The Dark Knight
23. Batman Begins
24. To Die in Jerusalem
25. The Planet of the Apes
26. Nine Lives
27. Baghdad High
28. The People's Court
29. A Woman Among Warlords
30. Boys of Baraka
31. The Blacklist: Volume One
32. No Country for Old Men
33. The Namesake
34. Aetbaar
35. Wolf Creek
36. Black Hawk Down

Barack Obama

I asked my mom if she thought a black person would ever be a major party nominee, and she said no. People she knew would say "[A black man] can be anything except the President."

Senator Obama's recent Democratic nomination will do wonders for black men in America. Black, male role models have minimal visibility in our society. There is a large number of black males who think the world is set up so they can only go into music, drug dealing, sports, and the army. What if more black boys dreamed of being Ivy League graduates or the President? Sen. Obama will actually give hope in a way I have yet to hear the mainstream media address. He will show black boys that they are Americans after all, and with more options than they thought. Since America is only as strong as its weakest link, and black men are being left behind in so many areas, then the strengthening of black men will be the strengthening of the whole country. If political pundits would focus on that, I think Sen. Obama would excite more Americans.

But alas, there is a divide when it comes to problem solving in America. Statements that start with "why can't black people..." and "those people just need to..." give the impression that Americans need only be concerned with those of the same skin color and should point their boney fingers at everyone who isn't their color. If black men begin to elevate they may more frequently be seen as regular Americans with American problems.
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